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Some recent (& not so) photographs
of Patrick De Geest
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Not so recent
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Patrick at the OEIS e-party
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Picture taken at August 22, 2004 for an e-party purpose,
to celebrate the 100K event of Neil Sloane's OEIS.

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Patrick visiting Royan
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The above picture was taken at Royan, a French town at the river-mouth of the Gironde
on July 28, 1999. My 12-year old niece Erika who made this shot said the photo would be
succesful were it not for that one disturbing element sitting in the foreground...
P.S. By clicking the above picture you can see a close-up of that disturbing element...

At home
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Patrick during a solar eclipse
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Here you see me at home during the recent full solar eclipse of August 11, 1999
(give or take or few weeks). You can see at the bottom of the picture how
gradually the moon casts his shadow over me.
P.S. Note the uneasiness in my expression. No doubt I was a little worried about
Nostradamus' prophesy “All is well that ends well ” !


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