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In this well-filled website you'll find a variety of facts and figures
about topics from the  World!Of Numbers . Don't look for a logical
order. It is an amalgamation of randomly gathered numbers, curios,
puzzles, palindromes, primes, gems, your much valued contributions
and more general information. For old time's sake my material,
split up in manageable chuncks, is presented on a silver plate
(of course I'm refering here to the background color!)
just as the various menu's you are familiar with and which are
always at your disposal further on. Enjoy!

triangle tetra square cube circular palpri

Ongoing project

borderprp.htm Border PRP's around 'Powers of ten'
borderprp(30000-34999).txt Table in plain text from 30000 to 34999
borderprp(35000-99999).txt Table in plain text from 35000 to 99999
Two PDF files provided by Norman Luhn:
Largest-n-digit-prp.pdf A packed list of all prp's of the form 10^n – d up to 30000
Smallest-n-digit-prp.pdf A packed list of all prp's of the form 10^n + d up to 30000

intro.htm Introduction to palindromes
weblinks.htm Some thematic websources
palrecs.htm Various palindromic number records
triangle.htm Palindromic triangulars
beautiful.htm The most beautiful palindromic triangular
alltria.htm Exhaustive list of palindromic triangulars
subtria.htm Subsets of palindromic triangulars
detail_A.htm Details Part A from [1] to [49]
detail_B.htm Details Part B from [50] to [99]
detail_C.htm Details Part C from [100] to [149]
tetra.htm Palindromic tetrahedrals
tedet.htm Details of palindromic tetrahedrals
square.htm Palindromic squares
allsquar.htm Exhaustive list of palindromic squares up to length 31
allsquar2.htm List of palindromic squares from length 32
subsquar.htm Subsets of palindromic squares
sqdet.htm Details of palindromic squares
exosquar.htm Extraordinary squares and powers (non-palindromic allowed)
cube.htm Palindromic cubes
cubdet.htm Details of palindromic cubes
centered.htm Centered Palindromic Polygonals
circular.htm Circular primes
palpri.htm Palindromic primes overview
palprim1.htm Palindromic primes page 1
palprim2.htm Palindromic primes page 2
palprim3.htm Palindromic primes page 3
palprim4.htm Palindromic primes page 4
palprim5.htm Palindromic primes page 5
palprim6.htm Palindromic primes page 6
          judpalpri.htm Assignment 2
          assign3.htm Assignment 3
bonham.htm Palprimes where the sum over all digits is a minimum
bonham2.htm Multiple Palprimes "Four in a row"
undulat.htm Smoothly Undulating Palindromic Primes - SUPP's
          suppsorted.htm SUPP's - Sorted By Length
wing.htm Palindromic Wing Primes - PWP's
          pwpsorted.htm PWP's - Sorted By Length
deplat.htm Plateau and Depression Primes - PDP's
          pdpsorted.htm PDP's - Sorted By Length
          facpdp131.htm PDP's - Factorizations of 133...331
          facpdp313.htm PDP's - Factorizations of 311...113
merlon.htm Palindromic Merlon Primes - PMP's
          pmpsorted.htm PMP's - Sorted By Length
consec.htm Palindromic pronic numbers of the form n(n+1)
quapron.htm Palindromic quasipronic numbers of the form n(n+2)
consemor.htm Palindromic quasipronics of the form n(n+X)
squadd1.htm Palindromic incremented squares of the form n^2+1
squaddn.htm Palindromic incremented squares of the form n^2+X
squdecn.htm Palindromic decremented squares of the form n^2–X
quasisq.htm Palindromic quasi_over_squares of the form n^2+(n+1)
          quadet.htm The details
quasimor.htm Palindromic quasi_over_squares of the form n^2+(n+X)
sumsquare.htm Palindromic sums of squares of consecutive integers
pocosupa.htm Powers of Consecutives Summing to Palindromes
sumcube.htm Palindromic sums of cubes of consecutive integers
sumprime.htm Palindromic sums of powers of consecutive primes
sumpower.htm Palindromic quasi_under_squares of the form n+(n+1)^2
varipal.htm Various palindromic sumpatterns
firstpal.htm Sum of first n 'type of numbers' is palindromic
sequenc.htm More palindromic products of integer sequences
reversal.htm Palindromic products of nonpalindromic integers and their reversals
pythago.htm Palindromic Pythagorean triples
nobase10.htm Palindromic numbers beyond base 10
palconca.htm Palindromic subsets of concatenated sequences
ninedigits.htm The nine digits most recent page
ninedig6.htm The nine digits page 6
ninedig5.htm The nine digits page 5
ninedig4.htm The nine digits page 4
ninedig3.htm The nine digits page 3
ninedig2.htm The nine digits page 2
ninedig1.htm The nine digits page 1
abreu.htm John Abreu's palindrome puzzle (wonplate 49)
twonine.htm Palindromic products of two ninedigital numbers
twopan.htm Palindromic products of two pandigital numbers
propan3.txt List of palindromes as products of two pandiagonals
penta.htm Palindromic pentagonals
pendet.htm Factorization of the palindromic pentagonals
hexa.htm Palindromic hexagonals
hexdet.htm Factorization of the palindromic hexagonals
hepta.htm Palindromic heptagonals
hepdet.htm Factorization of the palindromic heptagonals
octa.htm Palindromic octagonals
ocdet.htm Factorization of the palindromic octagonals
nona.htm Palindromic nonagonals
nondet.htm Factorization of the palindromic nonagonals

Prime factors of ...
topic1.htm Home Primes -
Repeated factorisation of concatenated prime factors of the composites
factorlist.htm the concatenated numbers from Sm1 up to Sm200
revfact.htm the reversed concatenated numbers from Rsm1 up to Rsm200
repunits.htm the repunits from R1 up to R100

year2002.htm Facts and figures about 2002 the last palindromic year
yearmmii.htm Facts and figures about 2002 continued...
truncat.htm List of the 4260 left-truncatable primes
threedigits.htm Squares containing at most three distinct digits
crump.htm Finding Tridigital Squares using the 'Quadratic Residues' technique
samedigits.htm Numbers whose digits occur with same frequency + Classific. P2
class_P3.htm Classification P3
class_P4.htm Classification P4
class_P5.htm Classification P5
trisopf.htm Sets of 3 composites in bidirectional SOPF progression/retrogression
pictures.htm Some (not so) recent photographs of the editor of this website
mpjscalc.htm Multiple precision JavaScript calculator
isolatin.htm Iso Latin I character set
colors.htm All the 140 colourful exotic color names
whatsnew.htm What was new in my website ?
arch_new_2002.htm Whatsnew? archive of 2002
arch_new_2001.htm Whatsnew? archive of 2001
arch_new_2000.htm Whatsnew? archive of 2000
brierproject.htm The Prime Brier Brothers Project
search.htm Pop Up from this 'homepage'
bennett.htm Pop Up from 'square.htm' & WONplate 74
dna.htm Pop Up from WONplate 17
huen.htm Pop Up from WONplate 17
sedo.htm Pop Up from WONplate 16
wilson.htm Pop Up from 'square.htm'
borderprp.htm Border PRP's around 'Powers of ten'
borderprp(00000-04999).txt Table in text format from 00000 to 04999 ( complete )
borderprp(05000-09999).txt Table in text format from 05000 to 09999 ( complete )
borderprp(10000-14999).txt Table in text format from 10000 to 14999 ( complete )
borderprp(15000-19999).txt Table in text format from 15000 to 19999 ( complete )
borderprp(20000-24999).txt Table in text format from 20000 to 24999 ( complete )
borderprp(25000-29999).txt Table in text format from 25000 to 29999 ( complete )
Largest-n-digit-prp.pdf A packed list of all PRP's of the form 10^n – d up to 30000
Smallest-n-digit-prp.pdf A packed list of all PRP's of the form 10^n + d up to 30000
borderprp(30000-34999).txt Table in plain text from 30000 to 34999
borderprp(35000-99999).txt Table in plain text from 35000 to 99999
megaprp.htm Search for the first PRP megaprime of the form 10999999 + y.
outputdata1.htm Output data of 10^999999 + y (y < 500000 )
doublecheck.htm Doublechecking PRP candidates
palsumpow.htm Worksheet - Palindromic Sums of Powers
seq197.htm Worksheet - Sequence from Wonplate 197
Appending 1s to n.txt Worksheet from Wonplate 197
Appending 3s to n.txt Worksheet from Wonplate 197

Join this
journey into
the vast space
of numbers !
Mind blowing these triangulars
One dimension up with tetrahedrals
Always seeking more squares
One dimension up with cubes
Keep straight on with circulars
For the prime fans ! primes

Integer Sequences

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On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences,
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