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All the left-truncatable primes

For archiving purposes I created a page displaying all
the 4260 left-truncatable primes
by courtesy of Eric Weisstein, creator of the list.

No need to program the topic as M. F. Hasler did already the work in [ Nov 07, 2018 ].
I retrieved the Pari/gp code from the OEIS database.
It is amazing how he achieved it with this very concise oneliners !

A024785 = vector(25, n, p=vecsort(concat(apply(p->select(isprime,
vector(9, i, i*10^(n-1)+p)), if(n>1, p)))))
A024785 yields the list of rows (n-digit terms, n = 1..25). Use concat(%) to flatten.

and for the number (#) of solutions for each digitlength is given by

A050987 = vector(25, n, #p=concat(apply(p->select(isprime,
vector(9, i, i*10^(n-1)+p)), if(n>1, p))))

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