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[ September 10, 1999 ] [ and later dates ]
Four international palindrome occurrences
Syed Asadulla (email)

[ November 15, 2000 ]
Syed Asadulla calls 535 an American palindrome. The reason for the name
is that the number of congressmen (members of the senate and
house of representatives) is 535.

[ October 24, 2000 ]
Syed Asadulla calls 565 a Canadian palindrome because the significance
of this number is that the Canadian debt is 565 billion dollars.

[ September 20, 1999 ]
Syed Asadulla calls 545 an Indian palindrome because the Indian parliament
(lower house or lok sabha) has 545 members.
By the way election to the 13th Indian parliament is behind us now.
The new parliament has been formed during the month October of 1999.

[ September 10, 1999 ]
Syed Asadulla observed the following facts :
You may or may not know, a few years ago, a committee of the United Nations
declared that Canada is the best country in which to live, based on certain criteria.
Prompted by this, I told my wife that Canada is the Perfect country since
it has six letters, 6 being the first perfect number (a positive integer is
said to be a perfect number if it equals the sum of its proper divisors
My wife responded, so is France. Then I assigned numbers 1,2,...,26 to the
letters A,B,...,Z. The sum of the numbers assigned to the letters of Canada
is 24 and the digital root of 24 is 6, the first perfect number (digital root
of a number is defined as the single digit obtained by continuously adding the
digits of a number and the sum of its digits, for example, the digital root of
986 is 5
). Also the product of the numbers assigned to the letters of Canada is
168 and its digital root is 6 again. Furthermore, the product of the digits
of 168 is 48 and the product of the digits of 48 is 32. Finally the product of
the digits of 32 is 6 again.

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