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[ September 16, 1999 ]
Two new gems about nine- and pandigitals !
G. L. Honaker, Jr.

The sum of the first 10701 consecutive prime numbers is a nine digit anagram.
in Honaker's words pandigital (excluding the zero)
or in Weisstein's words zeroless pandigital.

The sum of the first 32423 consecutive prime numbers is pandigital.
in this case pandigital means including all 10 digits exactly once.
Note that 32423 is the only palindromic prime that produces such a number.

Further information
in Sloane's database : A049442, A049443 and A049446.
( see also A050278, A050288, A050289 and A050290 )
in my webpage The Nine Digits Page.
in Weisstein's Math Encyclopedia Pandigital Number.

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