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music There is palindromic MUSIC in the air. Hear it out !

A palindromic canon in 8 parts

[ November 11, 2001 ]
None other than the great composer
Franz Joseph Haydn
got interested in palindromic music !
His Symphony no. 47 in G (1772) is titled The Palindrome
because of its perfectly palindromic minuet (Menuet al Roverso).

Paul Hindemith's opera Hin und Zurück
has a similar palindromic construction where a revised
sequence occurs in both the music and the stage action.

Who has more information about palindromes and music ?
Links, musical scores, midi files, etc.

Arthur Honegger, Was a saW by Juan María Solare

Max Reger, Compositores palindrómicos by Juan María Solare

Alban Berg, in his Lyrische Suite has a complete movement palindromic
(the form is ABA, and the second A is the palindrome of the first one).
He also used palindromes in a small scale as a normal device. I call this
"local symmetries" opposite to "large scale symmetries".
by Juan María Solare [ May 3, 2004 ]

[ December 23, 2002 ]
Claude Weber (email) informed me about this very
interesting site related to palindromic music.
Music to and fro

[ June 13, 2003 ]
J. D. Lahman (email) just discovered this webpage
on palindromic music.
"Ever since I discovered the Hindemith opera I've
been fascinated by this idea applied to music.
Of course there must be a ton of palindromes involved
in serial/12-tone music with all of its inversions,
reversions etc.

I've just discovered a piece entitled PALINDROMIC
by the Texas born composer Ned Sublette
I will contact him shortly for more info.

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