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Jean Penné wrote: > I wish also to congrat you, Paul, for this record! > Also I am curious to know how are you selecting your candidates, and > what sieving program are you using (is it NewPGen) ? Congratulations from me too. Paul wrote "I threw the sieve together". As Jim says, it sounds like a custom sieve. I also made one and sieved to 10^12 for the doubly palindromic prime (number of digits is palprime) 10^98689-429151924*10^49340-1. It is the largest existing below 1 million digits: The sieve can handle palindromes of a fixed length, and the form: 100...00M00...001 or 99..99M99...99, for M up to 11 digits. Paul Underwood wrote: > Phil was interested in forming a team to look for near-repdigit > palindromes. It is a pity that it can not be "primeform e-group" -- we > would not be using PFGW. I think "primeform e-group" refers to this primeform list. I guess there is no absolute law saying PFGW must be used. Paul maintains the bio page If Phil's program only prp tests then PFGW could prove... That would be fine for me in this case where e-group wetware is involved. -- Jens Kruse Andersen
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